Saturday, March 29, 2014

China's other Wonder

Today leaves me bereft of many words.  We visited the Great Wall of China and it rendered me pretty much speechless.  We have often said that the getting to Emme has oftentimes felt like moving mountains.  Today, we climbed one.  I had no clue how physically challenging it would be, how overwhelming, or how awe inspiring this feat would prove.  We were more than moved.  I will share pictures instead of words in attempt to portray the effect of this phenomenon.  

Tomorrow is THE day.  Emme day.  Hard to fathom it is finally here.  And again, words fail to portray the gamut of emotions we are flooded with.  But I am so grateful to say that the overwhelming feeling is one of peace.  We are so lucky.  We cannot wait to see her and know her and love her.  We are praying hard for Emme's little heart as she will be involuntarily taken from everything she knows and placed with strangers to her.  We hope she will be able to quickly know and feel she is safe and loved though we expect grief to come first.  We will follow her lead and give room for all she will go through, while quietly and persistently showing her how precious she is to us.   We have traveled a long road and every step has led to this day.  Cannot wait.  The Great Wall pales in comparison.

At 11am, we will fly to the capital city of Nanchang in the province of Jiangxi to meet her.  We will arrive there at 11am, check into our hotel, get settled, and hopefully meet her and her caregivers at the hotel around 4pm.  Lamaze breathing will be in order.  

We will post pictures and thoughts when we are able to, after getting our sweet girl settled.  According to her report, she loves snacks.  This mama has that covered.  Hoping she is like me, and treats are the fastest way to her heart.  Thank you all for loving us through this long journey.  Here we go!


Luciana said...

I'm anxiously awaiting an update. Surely you received your sweetheart already. Must be home by now. Ooohhh, do share :)

Anonymous said...

A PAP ( adoptive parent) following your blog, Good Luck look forward to updates. Praying for your family, so Blessed.

Anonymous said...

Please update!